Jade is a NAATI accredited translator and interpreter.  She is also the only university educator of linguistics who passed all NAATI official exams in Australia.  To verify this, you can contact us, and we'll show you how to check it out.

1. Translation (English to/from Chinese):

If you'd like Jade to translate books/documents for you, please include the topic of your document/book as well as its length in your inquiry.  Also, if the target language is Chinese, please clarify whether the Chinese language you want is in simplified Chinese characters or traditional Chinese characters.

2. Interpretation (English to/from Chinese):

To book Jade for telephone interpreting or face-to-face interpreting assignments, please include the topic of the task, length of the task and location of the assignment in your inquiry.

3. Writing (English and/or Chinese):

Jade is available to do a wide variety of writing, including academic writing and creative writing.  Please include the topic, the context, the target audience, the goal of the piece, word count and language in your inquiry.

Simply click on the "Contact us" button at the top of this page and send us a message.