"During this period of learning, I am so fortunate and glad because I have met an optimistic and positive teacher.  Thank you for your powerful advice and friendly assistance.  I find my reading and writing skills have been improved dramatically after learning English reading and writing techniques from you.  Also, I feel so empowered that I look forward to each and every day at university from now on - reading and writing skills directly determine my academic success, thereby leading me to a better career in the future."

-- Yongtai L (student of Jade's English reading and writing transformation course), Flinders University, Bedford Park, SA, Australia


"You have helped me in so many ways - more than what I expected.  Knowing exactly what to do has certainly boosted my confidence and competence."

-- Nadia F (student of Jade's Diploma of Interpreting course), Accounting officer of South Australian government, Adelaide, SA, Australia


"Your kindness is to be admired.  I'm eternally grateful for the empowering knowledge that you gave me."

-- Gholam Soltani (intellectual property expert at  Intellectual Property Center of Iran; Master of International Law & Master of French Literature)