1. Study Consultation:

* Research projects (how to research resources for a major in-depth study; how to complete high-stake assignments for Bachelor's Degrees, Master's Degrees and PhD's);

* NAATI exam preparation;

* IELTS exam preparation;

2. Career Consultation: 

* For educators: How to prepare a portfolio to get the job you want and become the most engaging and inspiring educator in any classroom;

* Other professions: How to improve your resume (CV) and cover letter; interview skills; job hunting skills; how to find a mentor that will actually help you.

3. Business Consultation:

* How to avoid common mistakes that will prevent you from penetrating the Chinese market;

* What you can do to facilitate your business' success in the Chinese market;

* Strategies to survive and thrive in the Chinese market in the long term.


(Skype sessions are available.)

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