In my book "26 Strategies to Succeed in the IELTS Test: How to work hard and work smart", I talked about an advanced tip which helps IELTS candidates to be successful in the IELTS speaking test - 

This is a paragraph in Strategy 26 of that book:

Some candidates don’t know where to put their hands during the interview.  A basic principle is: do not even think about your hands when you are having a conversation with the examiner.  An advanced principle is: you should follow the examiner’s habit – if the examiner is animated, you should also use more gestures; if the examiner doesn’t have any gestures, then you should move less!  This is because people like those who have similar habits and behaviour.  

IELTS job interview

In fact, this principle comes from Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) which is a well-respected modern psychology concept, and it can be utilised for a job interview as well!

Therefore, if you are attending a job interview which may change your life, you should assess the interviewer's habits/gestures and then model yourself on them!

This strategy will help you stand out from the crowd and get the dream job that you deserve.