I have been quiet recently, because I've been working on an IELTS speaking book: Say This to the IELTS Examiner: 21 Scripts for the IELTS Speaking Test which is available on Amazon websites worldwide now.

This book teaches you EXACTLY what to say to impress your IELTS examiner so that you will get the score that you want in record time.

This is because many IELTS candidates have benefited from my book 22 Templates for IELTS Writing which offers very specific scaffolding for IELTS essays, and then the demand for IELTS speaking scripts is increasing.

Here are just a few emails that I've received from my readers:

"Hey Jade!  I have learned so much from your IELTS writing templates book, so can you also write a book about IELTS speaking scripts?  I don't want to reinvent the wheel!"  - Gagandeep, India

"Jade, thanks for the IELTS writing templates!  Your content has saved so much time of mine!  Please publish speaking secrets, too!" - Simone, Italy

Yes, I only write very practical content :-)

And I will keep being inspired and inspiring at the same time.

IELTS Speaking