Have you ever wondered how to find a good job quickly?

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This is how most people look for jobs: They search relevant information online and wait until something turns up.  Therefore, they send two or three applications per week.  They wait until somebody rings them, and they believe the only way to get a job is to be selected to attend a job interview (and have to be selected from a group of interviewees as well).

What I am writing about today is not the normal pathway that most people choose.

In order to find a quality job, quantity matters.

Here is what I mean: If you are choosing one job out of two, how likely is it for you to get an ideal job?  Chances are you have to put up with mediocrity because you only have limited options.

Yes, in order to find a quality job, you must send as many applications as possible!  Here is how to do it properly:

Let's say you are an accountant looking for an accounting job.  What you should do is to search for the names of ALL accounting firms in your city, and then send your cover letter and CV (resume) to each accounting firm by post!  No matter they are looking for a new accountant or not, the next time when they need a new accountant, they will think of you!

You must make sure each application is a bit different by modifying the content in your cover letter and CV (resume), so that your application caters for the needs of the accounting firm which receives your mail!  That also means you should do some research on the receiver online before sending an application to the accounting firm.

Here is why you should send applications by post: If you send applications to companies via email, nobody has the time to read most emails, so your email is very likely to be deleted immediately!  But if you send applications to them by post, at least someone has to open the mail and see what's inside!

Pro tip: Use light yellow paper to print your cover letter and CV (resume), and put them in a light yellow envelope.  This is because most candidates who send applications by post will use white paper and white envelopes - If yours looks slightly different in a big pile of documents, your application stands out from the crowd immediately!

Good luck with that and let me know what you think :-)