The IELTS test is the biggest language test in the world, yet there are still a lot of myths regarding this test - this has caused a certain level of stress for many IELTS candidates.

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One major myth of the IELTS test is: "If I look at the IELTS writing questions and speaking questions which were used last month, then I should have a good understanding of what will happen in my IELTS test this month."


Now I am here to dispel the myth because even many IELTS teachers believe it's true and are trying to tell IELTS candidates about which questions were used in the previous month or even last week!


The truth is: The IELTS questions used in the previous month or last week definitely won't be used again this month or this week!


Then, how can we predict what will happen in the IELTS test this week/this month?


Solution: You need to look at IELTS questions that were used at least six months ago!


Developing new questions requires a lot of resources, so the ultimate IELTS examiners who are designing the test would like to save some resources - that's why they recycle previous questions that were used at least half a year ago.


Although which specific questions you should prepare for is beyond the scope of this blog article (that's the content that I teach my private clients), at least now you have a better understanding of what to look at and what not to look at when it comes to predicting the IELTS questions in your test.


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