Studying at university can be stressful and exhausting, especially when you are juggling your university studies with a part-time job (or a few part-time jobs) and family commitments.  A very common question that many university students ask me is 'How can I get good grades at university?'

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I think if you are reading this blog post, probably you already know that you should work hard in order to get good grades.  (If you are not hard-working, maybe you wouldn't even find this blog article.)  Apart from that, I am going to share some really good stuff with you so that you can work smart at the same time as well.

Say, you are studying something which requires you to write a lot of written work, then here is what you need to know -

Key message: When you are writing an assignment which constitutes a big part of your final grade of a course, you must be able to write about what your lecturer/tutor wants to read!

Therefore, you should attend all lectures/seminars/tutorials.  Only in this way can you understand what your tutor/lecturer's interests really are.  Although two tutors are teaching the same course, Tutor A could be interested in a particular part of the course, whereas Tutor B could be interested in another different part of the course.  Tutor A may have a strong opinion on certain key points of the course, while Tutor B may have a passion for some other key points of the course.  Therefore, in the classroom, when you are listening to the tutor/lecturer who will mark your assignments, make sure you really understand their interests very well, and then you will be able to comment on their interests in a good way in your assignments; as a result, your tutor/lecturer will give you a good grade that you want.  (Tell them exactly what they want to hear, and they will feel satisfied!)

Unfortunately, many university students only write about their own interests in their assignments and ignore what the lecturer/tutor likes.  Of course, I believe you should totally write about what you like (you should study what you truly enjoy at university), yet apart from that, you need to remember who will mark your assignments at the end of the day if you really want to have good grades.

Once you have good grades, you can spend more time working part-time, thereby making more money, and you can also have more energy to do other fun stuff in life.  Now you have got this key idea today and can start to use this technique now.  Congratulations!

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