You've heard the popular saying "Don't be a jack of all trades."

Certainly, this idea is valid. Yet I'd like you to really think about this: If you only master one skill, is that really beneficial in this day and age?

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In fact, the time when you graduate from university and find a job to work for 40 years until you retire is already gone. Nowadays, more and more people are freelancers! And if you are a freelancer with only one skill, that means your risk is very high because you probably only have one source of income.

Therefore, in order to lower your risk, you should consider mastering some skills and combine your skills in creative ways.

For instance, you know two languages. Great. Become a translator and an interpreter.

You know translation. Great. Consider becoming a writer as well.

Diversifying your revenue sources is the best advice in modern-day society, because this will make your career more sustainable in the long term.

Today I'd like you to ask yourself, "How many skills do I have or should I develop? How am I going to combine my skills creatively?"

Let me know what you think :-)